YouTube Shorts Revenue Share

Today on Video Marketing Madness –YouTube Shorts Revenue Share. Ray and Steve outline that and Steve has a cool Shorts case study.

Starting in 2023, YouTube will offer a 45% revenue share on shorts but you have to be a member of the partner program. To apply, you need 1000 subscribers and 90 million views in 90 days. Whoa! But for some, it’s very doable. Create and upload often.

Steve may not get there but has found he’s getting more attention with Shorts for his Trains Youtube channel. is a cloud based software that lets him upload an existing horizontal video, trim it to up to 60 seconds, and auto formats it to Shorts specs in a few minutes. Today he uploaded a Short and it got 1000 views quickly. It draws attention to his channel.

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Check out Steve’s YouTube channel – “Steve Sleeper Trains”

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