YouTube Clips and Chapters & Cool Hardware

Today on Video Marketing Madness – YouTube Clips and Chapters & Cool Hardware. Lots of stuff you can use NOW!

We’ve covered YouTube Clips in a previous show – – and Steve ran a test. Using Clips in some of the Facebook Groups he belongs to, Steve saw a nice bump in views for the full videos. We also covered Chapters before – – and Ray discovered they show up in YouTube search results, so we discussed benefits. Finally, Ray found some nice hardware in the Vivitar Creator Series. It’s a thumb drive that lets you go from HDMI to USB or USBC, and you can do screen capture from things like Xbox. Cool stuff. He got it at Walmart for $19.88.

Today’s episode is made possible by Movo! Get great microphones, stands, and lights for your videos at

Check out Steve’s YouTube channel – “Steve Sleeper Trains”

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