Will you be fined $42,000 for your YouTube videos?

Today on Video Marketing Madness, Will you be fined $42,000 for your YouTube videos? More info on the COPPA act amendment.

COPPA is meant to protect children’s privacy (13 and under). So, you need to declare whether or not your video content is intended for kids. There are three ways to do that: 1) At the channel level in advanced settings. 2) At the video level in the creator studio. It can be by video. 3) When uploading a video.

Updated info:
-If you don’t declare, it’s possible YouTube could suspend your channel.
-Attorney Ian Corzine has weighed in and he says the law is very vague. So, for instance, if you say your video is for 15 years olds, and a 13-year-old watches, you could be fined. Data collection for ad targeting is the issue
-YouTube says it will allow the government to periodically sweep the its data.
-Watch Ian’s video at https://youtu.be/3GwDrHOe43E

Sign the Change.org petition at:
It explains the issue and what we think the FTC needs to do.

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