Vital Marketing Updates You Need to Know

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Vital Marketing Updates You Need to Know. Steve and Ray have a bunch of news and share what’s working for them.

Big news – YouTube enables linking between Shorts and long-form videos. Here’s the Search Engine land article:

Ray and Steve are managing YouTube channels for attorneys. Ray optimizes channels and videos. We are in their office virtually via Zoom when they record videos on their phones. Ray guides them through the process, and it “forces” them to record the videos.

Steve started using Bard this week as a change of pace from ChatGPT. ChatGPT provides more copy. Also, he moved from AI videos to VidVoicer and really likes the slide show videos. You can buy it at

Google is rolling out an algorithm change this week, and it will take a couple of weeks. Hold the course, and don’t make huge changes for the next few weeks.

YouTube tests a new anti-adblocker popup with a countdown timer. Here’s the Search Engine Land article:

Elon Musk Confirms Removal Of Context For Links In X Posts. Here’s the Search Engine Journal article

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