Using YouTube Poll and Donation Cards

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Using YouTube Poll and Donation Cards

YouTube Cards work on both mobile and desktop. They are in the “edit” function. You get an option menu and you can use up to 5 cards.

Options include a website link and image, link to another video or playlist. New functions include donations and polls.

Donations – From YouTube, “If you’re a United States, IRS-validated, 501(c)3 public nonprofit, you can add donation cards to your videos. Viewers can use these cards to make donations directly to your nonprofit organization. Viewers can make donations directly to a nonprofit organization using their credit card. Our partner, Network For Good, a U.S. nonprofit donor advised fund, then distributes the funds to the organization at the end of each month.”

Polls provide interactivity. “If you can hear me, respond with yes.” Condition viewers to say yes. Ask fun, silly questions to keep viewers engaged. If it’s a how to video, ask viewers what they know, or what do they want next.

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