Unique Marketing Channels

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Unique Marketing Channels. Ray shares unique ways to market your business.

Here are some things Ray does for his escape room business:
-Charity marketing. For instance, if you reserve a room, they donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity. They have a can drive every Wednesday, and they do Toys for Tots every Christmas. It’s about the charities first, but it’s also a lot of exposure.
-Ray reaches out to local businesses and offer free tickets to give to employees of the month. The winners always bring friends.
-Ray does a shout out to local businesses on the escape room’s social media. For instance, Ray gave a shout out to a nearby restaurant where he had lunch.
-He reaches out to local businesses he has a relationship with and offers to trade stuff
-Contact relators and see if you can get into their welcome bags. Ray gives out free passes.
-Talk to local motels and ask to place “where to go” materials
-Reach out to local business Facebook Groups
-Go to Rotary, etc.

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