The Importance of Online Reviews

Today on Video Marketing Madness –The Importance of Online Reviews. Ray tells us how to get online reviews and why.

Google, Facebook, and Yelp are the top three. Remember to ask for a video review and you can post that on all your social media, including your Google Business Profile.
You need to get online reviews because folks will gravitate to businesses with lots of 5-star reviews, and they need to be recent as well. Also, it’s a ranking factor with Google Business Profiles.

Start by having good customer service and then ask for reviews. With his escape room business, Ray hands out cards with a code that takes folks to his Google Business Profile. He incentivizes employees by giving them $5 for every review that mentions their name.

Pay attention to Facebook and Yelp. Ray is not crazy about Yelp, but iPhones and Alexa default to it, so you have to have it. The reason Ray doesn’t like it is you get more bad reviews and not as many 5-star reviews if you don’t run ads with them.

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