The Great Microphone Debate

Today on Video Marketing Madness, The Great Microphone Debate. Ray gives us all the options on microphone types to use with your videos.

-Lapel is the best mic when you’re standing in front of the camera. Blue Yeti is the best when sitting at a desk. Note that the Yeti has multiple pick up pattern pre-sets.
-In studio, Ray uses a lapel mic with a 20-foot cord. Wireless lapels are good for when you need to move around and/or in the field. Be sure to get UHF band wireless mics. It gives you further distance and less interference. 2.5 GHz wireless is also good and is the old wireless lan line phone frequency.
-Vlogging mics – 6-inch mic mounted on top of your camera, Very easy for on the fly videos.
-Movo pm 20 plugs into your phone and has a splitter for two lapel mics. Great for interviews
-BTW – cardioid mics are directional and omni are not.

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