Ranking Videos in 2021

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Ranking Videos in 2021. Ray has the latest on ranking video in YouTube and Google

-Know your keywords
-Title – Keyword, phone number, name of company
-Description – Keyword, short description of video, website, phone number, short business description, social media links, end with keyword set and links to previous vids. Use chapter marks – way to add keywords with keyword stuffing
-Add to a playlist
-Get views. Pay YouTube for views and ask friends, family and Facebook Groups
-Comment on video and pin to the top of comments.
-Syndicate to social medias, bookmarks and blogs. DFY is a good software for that. Find it at https://www.raythevideoguy.com/dfy3

Today’s episode is made possible by Envato Elements! http://www.raythevideoguy.com/elements

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