Proper Equipment for Live Streaming

Proper Equipment for Live Streaming. For your phone, get a selfie stick, tripod and decent mic. The smartphone headset mics are good.

Steaming to YouTube and Facebook Live from your desktop: Logitech is the best webcam and Blue makes good USB mics. Streaming software: OSB is a good, free and open source and works as a mixer too. Wirecast is good but costs $300+. For Macs, “Memo from Boinx” is what Ray uses. Streaming pre-recorded videos to multiple Facebook pages – Synd XPoser Pro is great.

Special note: Mevo Camera by Livestream is $399.00 and is controlled by your iPhone.

New YouTube features. Here’s the story on the new YouTube TV app: Live Event – you’re going to need to attached an AdWords account and turn on monetization. Backstage is a new feature that allows creator and audience to better interact.

Mindset Matters is the “Tony Robbins Podcast” with all sorts tips and trick from different guests.

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