Microphones for Video

All of these are available at B & H Photo and Video. They have the best selection and prices unless otherwise denoted.

Field Mics. Use a lapel mic. A mic that plugs into your camera is best. Know your camera connection so you get the right stuff. Audio Technica has a good lapel mic for $40. KV Technologies has adaptors for smartphones. Ray sells a really good smartphone mic at PocketVideoPro.com

If you go wireless, you need to spend about $300 so you don’t get interference from other devises. This is especially important in the field.

Hand held mics work too – wireless and wired

Shotgun mic – Ray likes Azden.

Podcasting, screen captures and voice over work. Blue makes very good USB mics that plug into your computer. (Blue Yeti, Snowball, etc.). Their mics average $100 – ready to go

If you want a professional broadcast mic, be prepared to spend $750.00 to $2000.00 for the mic and processing gear. Brands include Heil, EV and Shure. Go to Broadcast Supply for these mics.

Live videos on Periscope, Snapchat, etc. are smartphones. You can use the earpiece as a mic.

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