Lighting Tips for Video

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Lighting Tips for Video

All of these are available at B & H Photo and Video. They have the best selection and prices unless otherwise denoted.

When you’re using smaller digital cameras (like an iPhone), you need more lighting. So be sure to use external lights.

Here are some options for around $200:

  • · LED lighting. Very even light and you can dim without an issue

Ninja tactics (not expensive):

  • The long thin bulbs you see over garage work benches. Same as the professional lights but for a faction of the cost at Home Depot or Lowes. Be sure to diffuse by point at the white ceiling. Or use Tough Spun sheets. B&H has them
  • The large curlicue 500 watt screw in fluorescent lights. They don’t get hot and are daylight balanced. Very inexpensive at Home Depot or Lowes. By the stands at B&H

Setting up 3 or 4 point lighting:

  • Key – just about straight on but at 1 o’clock from the users face
  • Fill – off to the side
  • Overhead Back – to define head and shoulders
  • Background – point at the background. Needed for green screening

Ninja tip. Buy a fake plant like a bush. Point light at background and put tree in front of it. Cool effect but not for green screening

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