Lighting for Videos

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Lighting for Videos. Ray has all kinds of tips lighting tips for in-studio and in the field.

Most folks are shooting vids on their iPhone. It has great digital quality, but it also has a small aperture. So, you need good lighting. Outdoors, the sun is all you need. But don’t shoot with the sun behind the talent. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to shoot. Indoors, the ambient florescent lighting in offices is probably good enough, but your video will look flat and you’ll have some color balance issues. It’s best to bring your own lighting. Movo has some good, portable LED lights. For talking head videos, ring lights are good. In-studio, you want three-point lighting: fill, key and backlight and you might want to add a fourth light for the background. Ray uses the Movo LEDs for that

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