Increasing Your FB Live Audience

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Increasing Your FB Live Audience

Facebook live video will be adding “waiting rooms’ so you can schedule live video events. Beyond that:

· Be consistent. (e.g. do a live show every day at 2 pm)

· Let your audience know in groups, pages and your profile.

· Remember, most folks won’t join until you’ve been live for a minute or two because of the FB notification and many will see the video later.

· Make sure you have a good title, description and category

· Reply to comments both live and later

· Pay attention to stats and adjust

· Keep it short

· Make the video exciting. Have fun

· Add a Q & A

· Know what you want to accomplish in advance

· Boost with Facebook Ads. $5 a day for 2 or 3 days is good

· Go live in more than one place. Live Leap will auto post the broadcast to your Twitter and Facebook pages, group and profile. Get it at

Mindset Matters. Netflix has the Tony Robbins documentary, “I am not Your Guru”.

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