How YouTube Helps Online Marketing

Today on Video Marketing Madness –How YouTube Helps Online Marketing. Steve has a case study on improving Google rankings using YouTube as part of the mix.

Steve’s trains YouTube channel is 12 years old, and he noticed Youtube was suggesting videos from folks he subscribed to way back way. All had given up on their channel years ago, and some of them were big names. It appears YouTube is not in the marketing mix.

Steve found using YouTube videos as part of the mix pushed up Google Business Profiles(GBP) and website blog posts. A lawn care service went from #23 to #8, and website blog posts rank higher when a video is embedded.

Steve starts by opening up a channel under the Google account with the client’s Google Business Profile. He phone verifies and optimizes it. Copy for the 1000-word blog and the 250-word GBP posts match the requirements for the new Google “Helpful Content” algorithm. The video is the same title as the post and the name of the business and the city and state. The copy for the 60-second video comes from the Google Business Profile post.

The description in the video includes the video title, phone number, the Google Maps URL, website URL, and a citation. Also included is the GBP post copy, links to 5-star reviews, and driving directions to all the communities surrounding the client’s location. After that, he posts the copy to the GBP and adds the YouYube URL. He also uploads the video to the post and shares it on social media. Then Steve adds the GPB post URL to the video description. He does this weekly with fresh copy and topics

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