How to Green Screen

Today on Video Marketing Madness – How to Green Screen

Set up is important. Use a decent green screen background. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Pops up like a disc or square. Thick fabric or paper. Pull down like the old classroom maps.

Lights. Use florescent style. Two lights on the green screen and 3 point lighting on the subject. (key, fill and back). B&H has all this stuff.

Make sure the subject steps away from the background.

Then import into an editor that has green screening. Shotcut at is free. Also there’s Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Camtasia, etc.

There’s also green screening software to use for live apps like Facebook Live. Be sure the lighting is real good.

Extra tip – Don’t wear green. Red, orange and white best. Blue is in the green spectrum, so be careful.

Mindset Matters. Listen to podcasts that can help your business. Ray likes Tony Robbins, Internet Business Mastery and Pat Flynn

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