Green Screen Like a Pro

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Green screen like a pro. Ray gives us great tips on types of green screens, lighting and editing. Subscribe at:

Green Screen Options:
-Paint a wall with Rosco green screen paint
-Buy green screen sheets from Amazon
-Thick paper green screen that you roll down
-Pop up green screens on a frame – 6’ x 9’

-Soft box light upper and lower, 100% dedicated to your green screen
-Light your subject separately – 2 light cross-angle in front
-Aim light from green screen to subject’s head
-Don’t stand too close to green screen – at least 2’ away – should be 3’ to 5’

Most editing software has green screen built into it. Ray likes HitFilm. Start with some sort of background for reference and then add video and adjust. Ray likes to use virtual set and you can grab some here

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