Easy Advertising Opportunities

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Easy Advertising Opportunities. Here are easy and cheap ways to make direct sales

-Facebook. Start the campaign from the page and use the ad center. It’s easy and quick and has a reporting feature. Ray gets good results for his escape room business. 230 clicks to the website where you can buy tickets, and they reached 7000 local people. With the “Book Now” feature, he got 350 clicks and reached 8000 people for $25.00. With a video, he got 1000 play-throughs for $20.00
-YouTube ads. He got 1000 click-throughs to the website where you can buy tickets for $1.10 a click, and that’s cheap
-Yelp – 185 page views, 38 leads, 14,000 local area impressions, and 102 click-throughs to the website where you can buy tickets. The cost was $1.50 a click. Yelp has deal and gift certificates, and it’s a revenue share with Yelp. Lots of breakage with gift certificates.
-Discount codes are an excellent way to track.

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