Charity as Part of Your Marketing

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Charity as Part of Your Marketing. Ray has some good studies and Steve has the big news on Google My Business.

“Google My Business” is changing its name to “Google Business Profile” Steve and Ray talk about what that really means. Here’s a link to Steve’s Profile with all the details:

Ray owns a few escape rooms, and it allows him to do marketing as he wants. He works with the local Rotary Club to do this, and it affords him the chance to network with other businesses and be involved in charitable things. For instance, he was part of a tent pole event, “Trick or Treat on Main Street,” where he set up a tent and gave out candy to kids, along with other businesses. In addition, he does things like food drives where a person brings a non-perishable food item to get a discount. People who otherwise don’t notice his posts on Facebook and Nextdoor take notice when he posts about the food drives. He also donates tickets to silent auctions and gives shout-outs to other businesses on the Facebook page.

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