Best Cameras for Online Video

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Best Cameras for Online Video

All of these are available at B & H Photo and Video. They have the best selection and prices unless otherwise denoted.

Lower end camera – your iPhone or Android phones from your provider will work fine. Be sure to use good lightening and an external mic. Ray sells a really good smartphone mic at

Consumer based video cameras go for $100 at Best Buy, Make sure it has a mic input.

GoPro. It has lot of adaptors for mics. You can connect it to your iPhone or iPad to use as a monitor. Comes with super wide angle and different speeds. They start at $110.00 at B&H.

DSLRs. 50/50 love/hate. Average cost is $600.00. Great pictures and lenses but it’s primarily for still pictures. Video is not a priority.

Higher End camcorder – $1500 to $4000. HD, XLR mic inputs. For best images, make sure it has CMOSS or 3 clip sensor.

Very high end like RED. Very high registration and frame rate. $10,000 to $20,000. Probably not something our audience needs, but Ray wanted to mention it.

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