All About 360 and VR Video

Today on Video Marketing Madness – All About 360 and VR Video

To see what it looks like – make sure you have the Chrome browner. Open Chrome and go to YouTube and search on “360 video”. You also need the 360 VR headset. Google sells one called “Google Cardboard” and it’s $5.00. Amazon has a really nice one for $15.00. You can also check out 360 VR Video at Best Buy. There should be a display in the Samsung area.

So why 360 VR? It’s predicted it will be an $80 billion industry. Video games, sporting events and real estate/home sales.

Shooting 360 VR is easy. Simply set up the camera and let it go. Bes sure to get a camera that does around and top to bottom. Best Buy has a model for $400 but they are as cheap as $100. When editing, you’ll need decoding software

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