Having Fun with Live Video

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Having Fun with Live Video – Subscribe at: Govmm.com/

Live steaming software:
-OBS Studio is free and is good for streaming produced videos from Skype or Zoom. OBSproject.com
-mimoLive is what Ray uses. Full TV studio in a box and outputs to all the live video sites. Switcher, green screen, graphics and audio mixer. Mac only. Boinx.com/mimoLive
-vMix is similar to mimoLive but is for PCs. vMix.com
– BTW – NDI lets you use smartphones and tablets as cameras. NewTek.com/NDI

Video Marketing Madness made possible by Movo. It’s a great way to turn your smartphone into a pro camera. Check it out at RaytheVideoGuy.com/Resources


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