Using Animation!

Today on Video Marketing Madness Using Animation! Ray gives us a great, easy way for created animation for videos and when to use it.

Use animation with produced videos: intros and outros, logos. lower thirds and contact info. Animation is great in video sales letters and YouTube end screens.

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Creating Video Testimonials

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Creating Video Testimonials. Ray explains the value of, and the best way to create video testimonials.

Structure is – state name and problem, what the person decided to do and the result. Share it to a testimonial page on your website, testimonial playlist on your YouTube channel, social media, blog and GMB.

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Pocket Video Productions

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Pocket Video Productions. Ray has great ideas on shooting professional videos with your smartphone

Extempore is a software that will add a telepromoter to your smartphone. Filmic Pro allows you to use all four cameras on an iPhone. In the field, Ray uses his iPhone with the Movo LED light

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