Creative Ways to Get Clients

Today on Video Marketing Madness: Creative Ways to Get Clients. Rays has all sorts of cutting-edge methods for landing new business.

-Get the Meetup app for your phone. All kinds of different Meetups in your town
-Speak at events
-Join referral groups like BNI
-Get Lead Kahuna. It scrapes leads with tons of useful information. You can email, voice broadcast or mail to the leads
-LinkedIn and Facebook. Connect and message. Use Facebook messenger to reach out. Also, look for Facebook business groups
-Phone cold calls
-How to webinars

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Top Apps of 2019 for Use in 2020

Today on Video Marketing Madness: Top Apps of 2019 for Use in 2020. Ray gives us 11 apps that will help your video marketing business explode in 2020.

-Thumbnail Blaster– easy way to create YouTube thumbnails
-Filmic Pro. Turns our iPhone into a high-end video production tool. Find it in the app store
-Screenflow for Mac and Camtasia for PC for doing screen capture vids
-Lead Kahuna – Searches businesses that need your help and markets to them.
-Local Analyzer – Provides on-demand web-based reputation reports for businesses
-Zoom Video meetings and 2 people livestreams
-Shift. Manage all your email accounts, Facebook Live, YouTube, Skype, etc. in one place.
-Trello for managing all aspects of your business and works well with teams.
-Everlesson – membership platform for e-learning.
YouTube Rank Machine 2 – Swiss Army Knife for ranking YouTube videos. Build backlinks, title,/description/ tags generator, keyword generator, rank checker, etc.

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