Why Aren’t You Doing YouTube Ads?

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Why Aren’t You Doing YouTube Ads? Ray explains all the ways we can profit from YouTube ads. https://govmm.com/

-Boost your video content for as little as $5.
-Target locally with pre-roll ads. Much cheaper and more clicks than normal PPC
-Promote products like an e-commerce store. Targeting can be a challenge, so test.
-Pre-roll ads work great for local businesses. Discovery ads are based on search and can work for a product
-6 second ads in the middle of a vid are effective and you can do retargeting
-Smart TV targeting to come

Video Marketing Madness made possible by Movo. It’s a great way to turn your smartphone into a pro camera. Look at all of Movo’s stuff at RaysBonuses.com/Movo. Check out specific product offerings at PocketVideoPro.com/PR1 ———- or

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