Creative Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Creative Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel.

-Business cards – add URL and QR Code
-T-shirts with QR code
-Mugs, hats, mouse pads, etc with QR Code
-Have a link in your email signature.
-E-mail promotions
-Blog and website – add the link, embed videos, do giveaways
-Contest – 100th new subscriber gets a prize
-Create content specific to a local meet up and then go to the meet up and give them your business card. You’ve given them a reason to go to your channel
-Collaborate with other creators
-Speak at live events or create your own event
-Teach on a webinar
-Magnet sign on your car with a QR Code
-Go to related videos and comment and answer questions
-Write articles for local print media
-Cross-promote in social media
-Use hashtags. They work in YouTube as well
-Interact with your viewers. Reply to comments and answer questions
-Ask for subscribers in your thumbnails
-Allow folks to embed your videos
-Ask viewers to subscribe in your videos.

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