Webcam Mania!

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Webcam Mania. Ray gives us a bunch of webcam options.

-Built in camera – OK but not great
-Logitech C920. Good all-purpose webcam HD
-Smartphone with Camo interface software. Best quality, but it had a conflict with Ray’s streaming software
-Mivo Cam. Connects to smartphone and now has webcam capabilities. Very good quality, but everything is in focus. Little depth of field
-DSLR. Canon provides the software interface

Best Buy and Micro Center (25 locations in 16 states) should have all this stuff.

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Video for Google My Business

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Video for Google My Business. Ray talks about all the applications

-Upload videos to GMB. It’s another way to optimize your GMB profile
-Use videos instead of images on the weekly GMB posts
-YouTube videos are a great way to create authority for your GMB. Be sure to backlink to your GMB shortcode.

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Social Media Madness

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Social Media Madness. Great tips from Ray on how to profit with consistent social media posts.

Ray quoted some figures on how often you should post to each site. Facebook Live gets the most views. For his escape room, Ray posts puzzles, memes, quotes of the day and videos. It’s not all about selling something. Be sure to interact with followers. You’ll need the help of another person, automation software, or both. Hootsuite and Bright Social are good. Here’s a new one – Social Post magic. Go to to buy and get a big introductory discount and get a bigger discount using the code “cyber”.

Animation for Everyone

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Animation for Everyone. Ray has a simple way to make professional video animation.

It’s Viddyoze, and you can get it at – Create animated videos in three clicks. Logos, backgrounds, live graphics, lower thirds, and intros and outros. It takes seconds, and they look good. It comes with some cool templates, and you can buy extra templates if you wish.

Short Video Madness

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Short Video Madness. Ray teaches us how to drive website traffic with short videos.

TikTok is the king of 60 second videos and YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are trying to compete. Silly vids can be a way to drive traffic to your website. TikTok has brand and ad accounts. Types of vids: jokes, silly songs, tips, skits, pranks and toy demos.

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Today on Video Marketing Madness – TubeBuddy. Learn the benefit of using Tube Buddy with your YouTube channel.

Right now, Ray’s using it to make title, tag, and description brand changes to multiple videos. TubeBuddy provides access to all YouTube functions in one place and it prompts you to do everything needed to optimize your videos. It also creates Thumbnails and shows rankings.

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Virtual Studios

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Virtual Studios. Learn how to set up a virtual video studio

With a green screen and your iPhone, you have lots of options. There are virtual studio software “black boxes” out there with pre-loaded backgrounds and you can also buy virtual sets. Shoot the talent in front of a green screen and import to your editor.

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Screen Capture Videos

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Screen Capture Videos. Ray gives all of the uses and how tos for screen capture videos.

Use screen capture videos to
demo software
In place of a long email
Record video games
Record PowerPoint presentations
For sales effort to evaluate a YouTube channel, a website, or social media pages
Video sales letters
You can even record your smartphone screen to show off an app

Screen capture software
ScreenFlow (Mac)
QuickTime (Mac)
OBS if you’re livestreaming

You Dropbox or YouTube to share.

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Reputation Videos

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Reputation Videos. Ray makes the case for the benefits of Rep Videos and provides ways to produce and distribute.

David Sprague’s product, “RepVideos,” automatically grabs 5-star reviews from Google, then creates and syndicates the videos. That product is available at In the alternative, you can make them yourself (Steve uses PowerPoint) and use your favorite syndication software like Hootsuite, or others.

Facebook Cover Videos

Today on Video Marketing Madness – Facebook Cover Videos. How to use videos instead of an image in the Facebook page banner area

Upload the video and make it fit in the Facebook window. Be sure to have all in the info in the center of the video. 20 second minimum and 90 second max. Include audio, but make it so folks will understand without the sound on.

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